Specialists in simplexity!

Our philosophy guides our work and enables us to commit to results:

  • Make it Simple: our consultants have the ability to make complexity simple, allowing a common understanding for all stakeholders.
    Simplicity in processes, reports and indicators make it easier to manage projects and make objectives clearer.
  • Make it Visible: 80% of communication is visual. Making objectives, status and plans visible increases communication and strengthens the commitment of the teams to achieve the objectives.
  • Make it Happen: what is simple and visible is achievable! This is the assurance of success for your projects in tomorrow’s world with committed actors who are timely and make your project a reality #makeithappen

Our consultants are catalysts for getting things done and getting people to do them. They also intervene to encourage the autonomy of client teams.



Our offer

Intervention on a project to boost its performance : 

  • Diagnosis / Audit.
  • Recovery plan / Rebaselining.
  • Project start-up – Efficient start.
  • Team dynamics.
  • Co-planning.
  • Cash flow improvement.
  • War room – Visual management.
  • Reduction of supplier lead time.
  • Project speed-up – on-time delivery.
  • Smooth communication links (partner / multi-site).
  • Forensic planning.
  • Process maturity assessment…


The Boost program in action