A comprehensive offer

We drive the cadence: we impulse the drum beat to your project, while keeping the pace and harmony. The successful completion of a project requires to understand the rhythm and to drive the pace.

We are the clockwork behind value-added projects: Our purpose is to organise, plan and manage tomorrow’s world.

Operational expertise: we are present in all areas of the Project Management Office, i.e., time, risk, cost, contract and quality management. Our range of services extends to planning in the strict sense of the term (provision of schedulers, planners or lead planners).

Our team has a wide range of profiles, from junior to senior, which enables us to meet your needs as accurately as possible.

Our consultants are all specialists who grow through the missions they lead, occasionally in very different environments. We tailor a genuine career and expertise path for them, ensuring high quality for our clients.

We are able to address all industrial projects, in any sector.

Our little extras… 

Our hallmark is a commitment to results with our very own way of operating (appointment of a designated operational leader for the assignment).

We give our clients peace of mind by taking care of all the administrative and skill-building steps related to the arrival and integration of the consultant into their new structure, anywhere in the world. Start-up times are short and predictable.

We are very committed to innovation. We are constantly working on our practices and methods to ensure that they are always state-of-the-art.

We are always on the lookout for new tools and techniques to develop our offer (4D planning, Business Intelligence, etc.) and to improve project performance.

Over time, we become a true partner to our clients.