Our history

Our three founders have worked for a major industrial company known for its know-how in the field of project management, with operational responsibilities in France and abroad.

Convinced that project management can be applied to all industrial and service sectors and driven by their strong entrepreneurial spirit, they set about creating two complementary project management entities: PMO (operational management) and OP2 (expertise in complex project performance).

These two entities joined forces in 2010 to create Orlade, which offers a complete service dedicated to the performance of complex projects.
The formula (Op2 x pmO) expresses the singularity of the group as well as the convergence of our businesses and expertise. This formula applies to all industrial, societal and environmental issues. It is part of a simplex approach, the art of making the most complex projects simple.

Our international expansion has been guided by the support of extraordinary multi-continent projects. We are now present in Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Morocco and very soon in Germany.

We work with the biggest names in the industry and have also diversified our client profile…


During all these years, our leitmotiv has been the passion for big projects through the culture of challenge.

Our approach
It is based on four principles:

  • To be an operational firm, focused on methods, performance and results
  • To be at the top of the state of the art in project management. To make the most complex projects simple, to pace them, to make them happen.
  • To have an impact on the entire “End to End” value chain of our clients’ projects.
  • To ensure the success of and catalyse major projects with a positive impact.

Our purpose: to be the metronome of every project with a positive impact; to organize and plan tomorrow’s world.

Based on our positioning on sustainable projects, the group is committed to a strategy of orienting and guiding clients’ portfolios towards positive impact projects.

For 15 years, the Orlade Group has been serving the performance of complex projects and programmes


Orlade, metronome of projects with positive impact

Our strategic goal is to expand our portfolio with virtuous projects, both on the societal and environmental level.


Today, as a performance catalyst of major industrial projects, we observe that the energy and ecological transition cannot be implemented in record time without big industrial projects requiring groundbreaking innovation, new products and appropriate infrastructures, regarding the obligation of all the actors involved.

Our commitment to contribute actively to a better world, starts with the active involvement of our community in growing social and environmental responsibility.

Orlade is also committed to grow every year the percentage of new projects with positive impact in its portfolio.


In order to contribute to our (inter)national engagement to carbon neutral policy for 2050:

  1. We make a commitment regarding our own transformation into a more sustainable firm (waste sorting, clean mobility, local consumption, recycling…).
  2. We offer to our clients new solutions to reduce their environmental footprint (methods and tools to support the transition and prepare for the future).
  3. We strengthen our presence in activities that have a positive impact requiring the implementation support for the strategic decisions of the firm.


We are committed to working with our employees, freelancers and clients in France and abroad to design and/or implement extraordinary projects for the world of tomorrow.

We are convinced that it is vital to reinvent ourselves in the face of societal and environmental challenges

We contribute by creating value for companies and meaning for our employees.

Bringing complex projects to life is our culture; giving them a positive impact is our challenge.

Orlade The culture of challenge.

Our areas of intervention

Aeronautics / Aerospace
New energy systems
country of intervention
country of establishment


international implementations


Continents where we are working

30 %

Abroad turnover

The neural network, our value

Our experienced teams are filled with knowledge, expertises and field-trained skills, which represent more than 1000 years of experience combined!

We are constantly reinforcing this by putting our expertise at our customers’ service in a dynamic that we like to call the neural network…

We actively promote sharing all the knowledge stored around key subjects by our consultants on the fields. These connections are boosted by a team driven by a thematic area.

These resources are available to collectivity, among other intern rituals, in order to help the growth of our common knowledge, and as a consequence, the performance of our missions.

Innovation, a real concern

Being attentive to anything that can have an impact on our jobs is fundamental to stay in step with the times. We aim to drive new tools and innovative practices to respond to the new risks associated with project management.

Our action in this area starts with a sharp watch on different subjects related to our jobs and our clients’ business sectors. We capture ideas and avenues for thought, which we then work on in the form of POCs (Proof Of Concept), internally but more often in partnership with our clients.

Recognized in our sector, our consultants regularly speak in schools, particularly at the Ecole Centrale – Supélec, in order to share their expertise with the younger generations.

Orlade’s challenge is to invent the project management of tomorrow by developing new offerings.

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