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Head in the Stars

We would not presume to say that a company's reliability can be judged by the quality of its references, but we are particularly proud to count among our clients a company that is a French leader in the design and manufacture of space launch vehicles.






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A project with its head in the stars


We would not presume to say that the reliability of a company is judged by the quality of its references, but we are particularly proud to count among our clients a leading French company in the development and manufacture of space launchers.

This is all the more true since this flagship of French industry is one of our historical clients, as we have been working with it since the creation of Orlade on the management and planning of “defence” programmes.



In 2017, it entrusted us with the mission of structuring a civilian development programme for the first time; this was a new space launcher for the European Union.

The project started from scratch, or almost, because it had been a very long time since France and Europe had developed a civilian space launcher (about 20 years).



Over time, our team has grown on the programme with the prospect of going as far as the first flight of this launcher, planned for the near future.

From a one-off reinforcement, we have become a leading partner providing full PMO support as we are involved in managing the schedules, risks and costs of almost all the groups in the development programme. And this at all levels, from the basic bricks to the support provided to the Product Managers, Group Leaders and the Programme Management.

We are working on two sites to take on a project that is out of the ordinary in terms of its complexity and the number of different professions that interact on a daily basis, and therefore need to communicate optimally and permanently.

One of the most important challenges lies at this level in a project that benefits from regular media exposure, particularly during key phases (e.g. the test campaign).