Making projects a reality!

In the performance of the project portfolio, our consultants are able to intervene on project methodology, governance, project portfolio management but also on all contributors to the performance of the project (e.g. engineering or the supplier chain).

Thanks to their expertise and experience, they identify difficulties and lead projects in compliance with i-QCDP® objectives. In addition to the traditional parameters of Quality, Cost, Delivery and Performance, Orlade takes into account the overall Environmental Impact of the project.

The “design to sustainability” approach allows us to anticipate new regulations in terms of energy and ecological transition.

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Our offer

To improve the performance of the programme and project portfolio :

  • Portfolio management
  • Project methodology (deadlines, resources, KPIs, governance…)
  • Project / Activities organisation
  • Gate review system
  • Operations performance / S&OP
  • Engineering performance
  • Reduction of development time
  • Design to Cost
  • Design to CO2 objective
  • Agility development
  • Training and skills development
  • Complexity integration
  • Planning performance
  • Digitalisation and business intelligence