Our areas of expertise

Orlade specializes in the performance of complex projects. We focus on operational solutions that generate a true impact on the field.

#makeitsimple #makeitvisible #makeithappen

A community of true enthusiasts!

Orlade is a collective based around strong enthusiasm for projects. It is built on the development of our expertise. We grow from sharing our experiences and skills while encouraging each team member to develop their own uniqueness… because that is how we build ours!

Outstanding support

Industries need to reinvent themselves to face the major environmental transition challenges. Our ability to manage large-scale multi-site projects and programmes in contexts of growth and strong constraints, whether internal or external to the organisation, is well proven.

Choosing Orlade is the assurance of meeting the extraordinary challenges of tomorrow’s world. It means combining simplexity (the ability to make complex things simple), a culture of challenge and successful delivery.

Orlade is also :

  • A community of people who are enthusiast about major projects and who enjoy working where tomorrow’s world is being built.
  • Committed players who make your project happen: #makeithappen.
  • An expertise that allows the implementation of agile and innovative mechanisms and a response to the need to capture new skills.
  • Strong convictions, which lead us to monitor our portfolio and drive them towards positive impact projects.
  • Partnerships that are meaningful to our clients and our teams (university and industrial environments, specific technical expertise in industrial sustainability and, internally, clear and recognised sustainable commitments (Ecovadis)


Our main projects


Metronome of positive impact projects

The group was created and developed around a concept as simple as it is strong: a passion for complex projects.

Embodied by each member of the team, this passion is our driving force and the reason for the success of our interventions on your projects.
We impact the present and our raison d’être is to contribute to positive impact projects to accelerate the necessary and ongoing societal and environmental transition.


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