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Our client is a leading manufacturer of batteries and battery systems with a history stretching back almost 100 years. It operates in nineteen countries and employs 4,000 people worldwide.






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Our client is a leading manufacturer of batteries and battery systems with almost 100 years of history. With operations in nineteen countries, they employ 4,000 people worldwide.



The initial assignment was for project management for a major rail project to be delivered in 2024.

On this project, our client is supplying the batteries to the end customer, which is a major player in the railway industry.



Orlade’s assignment started with the implementation of dashboards. It continued with a project turnaround mission at different levels of the company (both at tactical and operational levels as well as at strategic level).

The approach was carried out on 3 axes: engineering studies, the factory, and project management (with both operational and planning animation). The aim was to put in place the levers enabling our client to deliver the batteries for the train of the future on time.

After an assessment of the situation and an analysis of the decision-making levels, the mission continued with planning, operational management and design with the overall objective of delivering the batteries on time.

The analysis of the existing situation at the start of the mission was fed by the organisation of collaborative workshops with the internal players.

Several actions were carried out to facilitate decision-making (implementation of a steering cycle, support for decision-making and communication), to develop project planning skills (training, operational support, methodology), to encourage the autonomy of the teams in place (coaching, (coaching, tutorials in the form of videos, written records of the methods implemented, including in particular the planning methodology, factory animation) as well as to strengthen exchanges between internal employees and facilitate interfaces (face-to-face meetings, setting up of buses between the factory and the project site).


To date, a Project Management Officer has joined the site to create and animate the factory planning, while a senior consultant is still in place to support the top management on communication and strategy for this project, which will be at the heart of our future travels!