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Building the industrial tool

Our client is a relatively new company (it was created in 2020) that is resolutely focused on the world of tomorrow, manufacturing the batteries that will equip electric vehicles. While its first gigafactory is under construction, the R&D (Research and Development) centre and a pilot plant are already operational. Two new sites are also planned.


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A mega project for a gigafactory!


Our client is a new company (founded in 2020) that is deliberately looking to the future. It manufactures batteries for electric vehicles. The first gigafactory is currently under construction and the R&D centre and a pilot plant are already operational. Two new sites are planned in Europe.

This European-owned company is booming and has great ambitions, not only on its home continent but also on a global scale in order to compete with Asian players.



The mission was envisaged in two areas:

  • The planning of projects linking our client to its customers, car manufacturers, to produce batteries for them.
  • Internal projects, intended to build the company’s industrial tool.

These high stakes required the reinforcement of a team of project management specialists to structure, plan and steer these projects by providing a suitable methodology to meet the challenge of delivering projects on time with a high level of performance.



Our consultants are mobilised on PMO (Project Management Office) and planning missions, where they intervene as the right-hand man of the internal project managers, to provide assistance in terms of methodology, reporting and governance (rituals and meetings necessary to steer the project).

Thanks to the solid experience in the field and the expertise capitalised within Orlade, our consultants are also able to make proposals to improve the performance of the project portfolio.

The first few weeks in the field were marked by two fundamental principles: firstly, the successful integration of our consultants and, secondly, building the foundations essential to the structuring, planning, management and therefore the success of projects.

The work already carried out has helped to consolidate our image, which, with this mission and this new reference, is at the heart of our commitment to work for positive impact projects.