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New Generation Rollingstock

Orlade's presence in Australia was initially the result of an opportunity. A long-standing client had a major project in Brisbane and naturally asked its partner in the sector to take it on.






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Our presence in Australia is, in the first instance, the result of an opportunity. One of our long-standing clients had a major project in Brisbane and naturally asked its partner in the field to take it on.
The project was called New Generation Rollingstock (NGR) and was set in Queensland, Australia’s second largest state and third largest in population.
Its objective was to significantly increase the state’s rail fleet by building 75 trains, or 450 cars!


Started in 2014, this project deserves the label “off the beaten track” because of its scale, with a total budget of €4.4 billion and an international character symbolised by the fact that the trains were designed in Australia and then manufactured in India, and that sixteen different currencies were used to pay the various suppliers. The configuration was also particularly complex as it was conducted as a Public Private Partnership (PPP).



The project took us four years to complete. We managed the project from start to finish, from the signing of the contract, through the design, manufacturing and testing phases, to the approval of the trains and their entry into service.
The project was delivered strictly in accordance with the contract and did not generate any delay penalties. As proof of the customer’s total satisfaction, NGR has been included in the circle of our customer’s “Best in Class” projects worldwide.

For Orlade, the initial opportunity has turned into a permanent presence, as the subsidiary is still present on Australian soil with an expanded team eager to take on more unusual challenges in a country that is no less unusual!