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Covid-19 vaccination campaign

What if we told you that one day Orlade pocketed a mission on December 23rd, just a few hours before the inevitable family gathering? Santa's tour? It could indeed be organised in project mode, but that's not it! What we can tell you is that the topic in question was as much in the news at the time as the old bearded man who only travels by sleigh... Are you stuck? Come on, we'll tell you all about it...

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A leap-into-the-unknown project




It is December 2020. The Covid-19 has burst into our lives in the last few months and the news is punctuated by the imminent availability of the vaccines. Dispatching them throughout the country in a very short time – a few months – is an extraordinary challenge that has been entrusted to our client. To succeed in this challenge, the client is convinced that it must be organised in project mode…



It is both simple and complex, as the subject is very exposed in the media. The project is unusual because, before the emergence of the virus, no country in the world had to vaccinate its entire population in record time. In some respects, therefore, the mission resembles a great leap into the void!

This titanic challenge is also subject to major technical constraints, as the vaccines must be transported to the territory at a temperature of -80°!



During the holiday season, our consultants jumped into the deep end, alongside the “in-house” teams and other external resources specialising in their field.

Organising so much transport on a rare technology is one of the threshold effects that have made this public health issue an extraordinary project.

Our Orladiens involved helped to set up the organisation of the project and in particular the associated management methods within the Covid-19 dedicated unit. Their priority was to set the pace.

The team remembers the first half of 2021 as a superb human adventure. The pleasure of having taken part in it is certain… and it is not out of place to speak of a feeling of pride. Because, whatever one may say, this mass vaccination campaign was a great success.

Internally, we consider this mission to be a great revelation of our approach because, on an unusual subject that no one knew about, our Orlade consultants had all the right reflexes and were not put off by the problems encountered.

The best indicator of this success is the satisfaction of the client, who recently renewed its trust in Orlade for a period of four years as a partner to tame projects that are off the beaten track…