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Tailor-made globally but also locally

Our client, a major player in the field of defence, a specialist in naval warships, needed to put the engineering of its programs into performance.




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Transfo Boost

Bespoke global solutions that are also local!

We collaborated with a major player in the defence sector, specialising in marine warships. The collaboration had a clear objective: to ensure that the projects were completed on time!


The challenge
The mission consisted in improving the performance of the engineering, which was one of the major causes of the average delay observed on all the programmes. The challenge was particularly tough because it involved several sites, each with its own engineering department, and a large number of players (2,000).


A team of ten consultants worked to set up a Design Master Plan (DMP) which is still operational today. We put in place a common framework, organisation and performance optimisation, but with a specific implementation on each of the sites.
The assessment revealed a problem in the management of key resources and competences caused by shortcomings in planning and in the development logic, which was managed in too macro a manner.
After reaching a consensus with the client on this observation, a pilot case was defined to demonstrate the operational nature of the recommended solutions, i.e. that a more refined development logic for the various business lines allowed for more robust planning leading to better performance management.
Two key indicators were set up to optimise the management of deadlines:

  • Adherence, which answers the question “Did I achieve what was planned?”
  • Executability, an indicator that consists of monitoring the ability to carry out what is planned with regard to the availability of input data and resources.

The mission also included the associated governance cycles at all hierarchical levels for the upward and downward flow of information in short loops, in order to gain agility in decision making.
Given its complexity and the number of subjects addressed, this transformation mission took place over two years. The solutions put in place have been so successful that the client now integrates them into all its projects from the outset.